BurningBlade Coven

The Burning Blade Coven

The Burning Blade Coven lies within the dusty red mountains that form the northern border of the Valley of Trials. The valley, which serves as a proving ground for aspiring orcs and trolls, is no longer as safe as it used to be. Imps and other weak demons have spilled out from the mouth of the cave and are causing mischief. Some say that there is more than mischief on the minds of stronger demons that inhabit the cave, and that there may be members of the Burning Blade within the abandoned caverns. New adventurers often tackle the dangers of the Coven as their final test before leaving the Valley of Trials.The Burning Blade Coven is lead by a warlock called Yarrog Baneshadow; he has become dangerous because he possesses a powerful artifact known as the Burning Blade Medallion.

Skull Rock shares the same layout as this coven.


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