Captain Grayson is a level 30 human ghost located at the Westfall Lighthouse in Westfall.[30, 86]
He is faction-neutral, and will give out his quests to both Horde and Alliance players.

Grayson was once a pirate captain of a ship until his life was ended upon the perilous rocks of Westfall's coastline because the Lighthouse was black that night.

When his life was ended, he had no clue what the afterlife held for him. He traveled as a ghostly pirate captain to the Lighthouse and watched, helpless, as Old Murk-Eye led the attack and scared the keeper's family off. They returned and re-lit the flame but Old Murk-Eye coerced the weaker-minded murlocs to raid the Lighthouse with him once again. The second time the family was not so lucky, and before his eyes they perished helplessly.

With no one to keep watch on the flame, the responsibility has fallen upon him. His afterlife plight is to see that no others follow his destiny.

He starts the following quests:

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(from the quest, The Coastal Menace)

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