The reconstruction of Dalaran

Dalaran continues to rule much of its original territory. Despite the fall of its capital, Dalaran has remained an important member of the Alliance. The Kirin Tor continue to rule over the remains of their city, which is being rebuilt, as well as the town of Ambermill, the Lordamere Internment Camp, and parts of Silverpine Forest. Dalaran's army is largely responsible for the survival of Alliance power in Silverpine; without the aid of the mages, the town of Pyrewood Village would have fallen to the Scourge long ago. All travelers in southern Silverpine will note the massive presence of Dalaran's troops. The city is the northern-most Alliance state left standing after the plague.

The main city of Dalaran is still hiding behind the shield that the Kirin Tor had erected. It is not known what the wizards are doing within, but rumors abound.

Subzones of Alterac Mountains


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