Dustwallow Marsh is an ancient swamp that is home to many beasts. Navigation is difficult, and many have lost their way, where trees obscure the sunlight and raptors, spiders, and crocolisks lay in wait.

Located on the tip of the peninsula on the western shore, Theramore Isle is the home of Jaina Proudmoore and a great bastion of the Alliance. Their presence does not extend far beyond, despite a number of scattered checkpoints that dot the road leading to the Barrens.

Despite bordering on a Horde-controlled territory, Tauren and orc presence in Dustwallow Marsh is equally marginal and largely confined to Brackenwall Village in the northwest. Founded by the Stonemaul ogres and ruled by the iron fist of their leader Mor'Morokk, Brackenwall Village is the only vestige of the Horde in the area.

Despite the fact that neither faction controls Dustwallow Marsh, skirmishes between the Alliance and the Horde have become common. There have been reports of Brackenwall Village taking military action against covert Theramore infiltrators, who have been spotted to the east of the village. Other sources indicate that a number of Horde spies have been murdered or simply disappeared while attempting to infiltrate Theramore.

It is said that this wilderness is also home to Onyxia, a great dragon and the daughter of Deathwing, although few adventurers have ever ventured into her lair and lived to tell the tale.



Dustwallow Marsh Map

Dustwallow Marsh Map

Brackenwall VillageDarkmist CavernShady Rest Inn
BluefenSentry PointWitch HillDreadmurk Shore
Theramore IsleAlcaz IslandDustwallow BayThe Quagmire
The DragonmurkThe WyrmbogStonemaul RuinsBloodfen Burrow
The Den of FlameLost PointTidefury CoveBeezil's Wreck
The Wyrmbog


Travel Hubs

Alliance 15 Theramore Isle

Horde 15 Brackenwall Village

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
The Barrens Horde 15 10-28 West By foot north or west, or by Alliance flightpath from Theramore Isle to Ratchet
Wetlands Alliance 15 20-30 East across the ocean By boat only


Alliance 32 Alliance

Horde 32 Horde

Neutral 32 Neutral


Wild Creatures

Subzones of Dustwallow Marsh

Dustwallow Marsh Map

Alcaz Island · Beezil's Wreck · Bloodfen Burrow · Bluefen · Brackenwall Village · Darkmist Cavern · The Den of Flame · The Dragonmurk · Dreadmurk Shore · Dustwallow Bay · Emberstrife's Den · Foothold Citadel · The Great Sea · Lost Point · North Point Tower · The Quagmire · Sentry Point · Shady Rest Inn · Stonemaul Ruins · Swamplight Manor · Theramore Isle · Tidefury Cove · Witch Hill · Wyrmbog
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