Edwin VanCleef is an elite human boss found in the Deadmines. VanCleef is one of the most wanted criminals in the kingdom of Stormwind.

Edwin VanCleef was once a "roofwalker" in Stormwind with a specialty in defeating mechanical defenses. When the Horde destroyed the city, he was called upon because of the skills he learned as a child at the side of his father, a master stonemason, and was one of the first to offer his talents to rebuild Stormwind City. He was also among the first artisans to be cast out of the city gates when the Stonemasons Guild sought payment for their services. It was VanCleef who took the group of artisans and tinkers sitting in the mud outside the gates of Stormwind and turned them into the Defias Brotherhood.

After teaching the Stonemasons the skills he learned from the city’s thieves, he helped them adapt to the wild until they had perfected their ability to ambush travelers. When the Stormwind Guard began to respond, VanCleef and the tinkers in their group augmented the abilities of the renegades with mechanical devices and weapons. The Defias Brotherhood was created. VanCleef’s search for a secure location where he could build a tinker’s works led him across Westfall to the DeadMines. Once his laboratory was constructed, he entered the mines and has rarely left in more than two decades. Yet he knows of everything happening across central Azeroth, particularly where the Brotherhood is involved. Rumors say that in recent years he has grown particularly zealous in his belief in technology’s means to defeat Stormwind.



  • Thrash - Gives the caster 2 extra attacks.
  • VanCleef's Allies - Summons a pair of Defias Blackguards to assist the caster.


Before engaging VanCleef, be sure to defeat Captain Greenskin who patrols the area where VanCleef is standing. VanCleef initially has two level 19 - 20 Defias Blackguards. When VanCleef's health drops below 50%, two additional level 19 - 20 blackguards will spawn. Some people say that ignoring the adds and just attacking VanCleef is the best tactic to kill him. Another method that works is, standing on the cannon to the left, just before you step into the area Captain Greenskin patrols. Get a mage on the cannon, and get a tank to draw VC and his adds out after killing Greenskin. Draw them to the cannon, and get the mage to use some ranged attacks (a wand preferably) to distract the adds. The adds will *evade* the ranged attacks, but remain incapacitated until you stop doing them. After killing VC, move onto the other mobs, one at a time.

VanCleef is stunnable.



  • None may challenge the Brotherhood!

At 75%:

  • Lapdogs, all of you!

At 50%:

  • Fools! Our cause is righteous!

At 25%:

  • The Brotherhood shall prevail!

Killing a player:

  • And stay down!


Notable loot
Inv misc questionmark
Cape of the Brotherhood
Inv misc questionmark
Blackened Defias Armor
Inv misc questionmark
Cruel Barb
Inv misc questionmark
Corsair's Overshirt
Inv misc questionmark
An Unsent Letter
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Head of VanCleef


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