A picture of Hammerfall during the daytime.

Defilers Tabard

The Defilers Tabard

Hammerfall was formerly one of the largest of the Alliance internment camps. It was attacked and destroyed by Thrall and the Horde in order to free the orcs held captive there. Shortly after the end of the Third War, the Horde re-occupied the ruins of Hammerfall to use as a forward base in the Arathi Highlands.

Points of Interest

There is a flight master, an inn, a mailbox, and a few quest keepers. Behind the village is the Horde portal to fight in Arathi Basin. Arathi quest givers and Arathi Basin token vendors are located there.

This is also the location of the Hammerfall Hospital, where the Horde Triage can be taken for Artisan First Aid. Doctor Gregory Victor teaches Runecloth and Heavy Runecloth Bandages.

Hammerfall is under siege from the combined forces of Boulderfist ogres and Witherbark trolls of Arathi. In addition to the Horde 15 [32] The Hammer May Fall quest chain, groups of Witherbark trolls occasionally charge from Witherbark Village in the south. They run up the path to Hammerfall's front gate and start attacking the guards. While the guards are capable of staving off each attack, players can also engage the attacking trolls.

Travel Connections


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Horde 15 Kargath

Hammerfall NPCs

Near entrance to Arathi Basin:



Near entrance to Arathi Basin:


Drum Fel

Drum Fel is the main quest giver for the Hammer May Fall quest chain that is started by Tallow in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

Tor'gan & Gor'mul

Tor'gan is the troll just inside the front gates, and Gor'mul is an orc to his left below the flight master.

Korin Fel


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