Players automatically have Keyrings. When a player first acquires a key, they will automatically acquire a keyring that can only hold permanent dungeon keys. Level 1-39 players will have 4 key slots, level 40-49 players will have 8 key slots, and level 50-60 players will have 12 key slots.


  • The keyring appears as a thin key icon between the leftmost pack and the latency indicator. Clicking this reveals a small bag similar to a normal container.
  • It does not appear to be pre-bound to any key.
  • Right-clicking a key in your bank moves that key into your a normal inventory bag slot.


Compatible Keys (can be placed in the keyring)

  1. Crescent Key aka Dire Maul key
  2. Workshop Key aka Gnomeregan key
  3. Key to Searing Gorge
  4. Key To The City aka Stratholme key
  5. Prison Cell Key
  6. Skeleton Key aka Scholomance key
  7. Shadowforge Key aka Blackrock Depths key
  8. The Scarlet Key aka Scarlet Monastery key
  9. Gatekeeper's Key

Incompatible Keys (cannot be placed in the keyring)

  1. Drakefire Amulet aka Onyxia 'key'
  2. Gordok Shackle Key
  3. Mallet of Zul'Farrak aka Gahz'rilla summoning key
  4. Relic Coffer Key
  5. Scepter of Celebras aka Maraudon key (more like a portal)
  6. Seal of Ascension aka UBRS key
  7. Grim Guzzler Key one time use