Tiragarde Keep

Tiragarde Keep

The only Alliance outpost in Durotar, Tiragarde Keep is manned by soldiers loyal to Admiral Daelin Proudmoore. Since Daelin’s death, they have continued their crusade against the Horde. While Jaina Proudmoore does not approve of their actions, the majority of the Alliance accepts the dangerous philosophy of these troops.

The damaged keep stands today, a gleaming white structure distinctly out of place among the crimson rocks of Durotar. Benedict rules over this tiny parcel of land, and the Kul Tiras Marines and Sailors patrolling the crumbling ramparts are well-trained and filled with contempt for the Horde. A letter in an early horde quest shows that the Kul Tirans are there to finish what Daelin started, that is invade Durotar and kill all the orcs.

However with the Alliance fortress still standing and populated, Horde adventurers and recruits from the nearby town of Razor Hill are sent out to thin the numbers of the marines and sailors and even kill the lieutenant in order to make sure the Kul Trias Alliance do not leave the keep and launch attacks on the Horde residing in Durotar.


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